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Musical Black Bird Pie

Matell, turn the crank hear the tune, when tune is over birds pop up and you can take birds out and play with them, works, has great graphics. Made in USA

Jumbo elaphant pull toy

Metal base and wheels, wooden elephant playing xylophone(rusted keys). When being pulled his arms move up and down

Cape Canaveral

U.S Air Force Missile Test Center, great graphics, Marx Toys, comes with helicopter, six astronauts

Microscope and lab set

Gilbert microscope set with instructions, electric adaptor and accessories, comes in metal case.

Unique Portable Typewriter

Working dial style typewriter, by Unique Art Mfg Company. Made in USA


Musical Invention,20,plastic Tune-Players,Turn,Blow,& Tunes Play,by Kenner,unique

Magic Tracer

Crayons ,Pictures to Trace & Color,,Drawing paper,buy Watkins-Strathmore,instructions

Rocks & Minerals

Basic Kit,The Story Of Rocks & Minerals.25 different types,Z.E.Harvey,Complete

Blondies counstruction

Comic Construction Set,by,King Feautures,with dagwood,baby dumpling & daisy figures

Krazy Ikes

Wooden Construction set,make different things,comes with pull string,Knapp Electric

Build it with Scissors

A Mondern Put-Together Book,Trains,Ship,Airplane,to construct,finised book,photos

Picture Word Puzzles

4-Styles,Board Puzzles,no.4416,Help Yourself Series,1,2,3,4,Whitman, Complete

Straw Rail Train Set

Over 70 feet,includes engine that whistle sound & light,instructions,2 cars,complete

Tin & wood push toy

RARE,Push or Pull Tin-Wooden Bell rings when moving,by,The Gong Bell Mfg.Usa Made

Tom Thumb Register

Tom Thumb Cash Register,by Western Stamping,Black,when drawer opens bell rings,made in USA,1960'S,good condition

Structor Dumper

Structor Dumper,Copper color,working lift up lever,back door opens,10.00-20 tires,no rust all original,good condition,made 1960

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