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Savings for Baby

ABC white book bank has lock lock no key pats. Pending ending Zell products.Made 7/3/1923

Book of Thrift

First National Bank, book bank ,Mckeesport,Pa.Bankers Littles,Com. Made in USA

Think of Peoples Trust

Peoples First National Bank, save for the future, has lock, no key. Made in USA

First National Bank

Fort Mayors book bank. Made in USA. Has lock, no key.

Book Bank

Brown money logo book bank, reinforced edges. Has lock, no key. Patented pending

Benjamin Franklin thrift bank

Coin lever pull down bank, green with gold design, the Girard model works, Girard, PA missing money slot door.

The Dollar Doublers

The automatic recording safe co. Boylston National Bank, coin compartments. Made in USA.

Cylinder coin bank

Very graphic kids imagine on bank with a happy sun on top, patent number2136623 made in USA.

Cast iron sailor

White and light blue, paint chipping sailor with hat and ore.

Five coin security bank

Tin lever pull down bank, gold design throughout bank, Chas M Sonk Co. Chicago USA patent pending, front design slightly warn.

Cast iron dog bank

Bronze dog in sitting position, with coin slot in back of head.

Happy days cash register

Yellow three lever, cash register door opens, coin slot on top, Man J. Chain. Made in USA.

Cast iron Billken bank

bronze with touch of red paint on head. patent no. 39603 good luck on back of bank

Uncle Sam's dime register bank

Very unusual old vintage black register bank. Designs on sides, coin trap door intact

Cast iron City bank

original sliver color city bank, windows and doors, screw attached, coin slot on top.

Uncle Sam's store register bank

Red key cash register bank, pops open and rings. The Durable toy nolative co. made in USA

New York life Insurance Company

Dark green book bank with gold building image. Three reinforce edges, has lock, no key.

Cast iron bank

partial red paint and slight rust throughout bank

Mutual Benefit Life Insurance

Red book bank with insurance dial, reinforced edges, has lock, no key

Norco Poundry bank

cast iron white pig bank, Pottstown, PA ''buy at Norco and save'' coin slot on top.

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